Guys, is it hard to know when to kiss a girl? (Like a first kiss?)

I was just wondering. Is it hard for most guys to know when to kiss a girl? Do you kinda plan it? I dated some guy... and he kissed me at the WORST times. Like mid sentence. I couldn't tell if he was just a player trying to get some action or just really shy! I'm now pretty sure he was just shy.

I sort of gave it some thought and realized that I don't usually initiate first kisses... maybe that's something I should work on. I usually wait to initiate kisses with a guy til I really know we're a couple (and not just dating) and that he likes me back.

I usually never make the first move though... is it hard? Do you plan it ahead of time?


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  • The situation you described is weird. Never heard of that.

    I will say though that many girls have different views on first kisses. I kissed one girl at the end of a first date and she seemed like she got a little of that "melt" feeling which was good.

    Another girl I kissed on the cheek at the end of the first date got pissed off. So it's pretty random which can make a guy not know.

    I personally just kiss at the end of a first date. I'm very hit or miss so I'd rather know right away if she's interested. Girls who are "on the fence" tend to never make up their minds and I don't have time for that. It's a kiss... it's not sex here.

    • Yeah, this wasn't just a first kiss. This was also the 2nd and the 3rd. I guess I've never had this happen before!

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  • There's no planning a good kiss. I simply wait for a moment of high tension and expectation before going in for that first kiss. It's a vibe she gives off that says she wants to be kissed. You'll both be close together, silence and hesitation will fall onto the moment, and she'll just stand there looking into your eyes with an expression that screams, KISS ME YOU FOOL.

    I honestly don't know how anyone could miss it. It's always painfully obvious.

    • hahahaha well this guy sure did! He kissed me mid sentence.

    • I can't say I've never had an awkward kiss. When I first started dating I'd spend entire portions of the time thinking, "should I kiss her" and "does she want me to kiss her". When I went for it, it made it awkward.

      Once I found that sweet spot though it was easy to create the perfect kiss. You wait for silence, tension, close proximity, then write your intentions all over your face and allow a pause half way so she has time to pull away, if it's not what she wants.

    • Hahaha yes, I think he missed the 2nd part to your understanding of kissing.

  • Figuring out when to kiss for the first time is like trying to decipher an extremely advanced code. It's next to impossible. It kind of just happens because something inside you all of a sudden just says to do it. If I had to take a swing at it, the best time is when you two run out of things to say and you're looking into each others' eyes. That's when it should happen.

    • Gotcha. That makes sense. Poor guy. Always gets me at the worst times. Although, one time, we were laying on his couch and I just kind of touched his lip and then he kissed me a bunch

  • I think most guys can usually tell. Me, I'd probably miss a neon sign if she held one up. Truth be told, I've only ever kissed two girls, and both of them kissed me first. I'm that bad :(

    • hahaha awww sad!

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    • I'd feel ashamed and embarrassed. In all honesty, it's one of the things that I always worry about.

    • ohhh gotcha. they have videos you can watch! I was dating this one guy and he was a TERRIBLE kisser. oh gosh.

  • most don't plan it

  • Unless she's giving me body language signals that says...don't get near me...I always kiss at the end of the 2nd date.


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  • i just got back into dating and feeling a bit like a slut kissing so many guys lol...

    well...first guy, he kissed me on my cheeks 4 times on second date...teasing back and forth from right to left cheek..kinda cute...third date was in a nice park relaxing and I think he was looking for every opportunity to kiss me lol

    second guy - first date - he took me dancing and got close to me

    third - second date...walked me to my car and stole a kiss from me...

    seem like I am missing one..cant remember..

    so they are all diff...i can't speak for guys but those are my recent experiences.