Why do men pull away (or just want a break) from me when I finally really like them?

I met this guy online. We dated for over a month. We could stay up all night talking, we had almost everything in common.

The last date we had was really serious. He wanted to take me somewhere special. I was kind of surprised. He had told me he likes to take things slow and I was really only just starting to like him A LOT.

The date was awesome. He was adorable and nice and we never ran out of things to talk about. I figured after this we'd for sure be bf/gf... or maybe after a few more dates really.

That night, he even gave me a really hard time for not telling my family about him yet. His brother knew all about me... I told him everyone but my parents knew... and I'm pretty sure his didn't other than the fact they knew he was dating (and happy).

It all went downhill here from here. We had a great time talking, watched a movie, made out.

I really liked him and I know that giving it up early is bad... he went to finger me and I said not tonight... he was fine with that and we kept making out... for hours.

Then the most terrible thing happened. My mother called at 3 am screaming at me to come home. I just moved home from college and I'm in the process of getting a job, saving up and moving out. She was PISSED.

He was like... maybe you should go.. so I left, he was nice and he stayed up til I got home and said goodnight to me. I live 45 min away from him so it was quite a drive. He had offered to let me spend the night, but I knew I wouldn't have the self control not to do something with him.

He said maybe he'd see me later that weekend. We didn't see each other, but that was fine because my schedule was crazy. On Wednesday of that week my best friend took my phone and asked (pretending to be me) if we could have our friend groups meet.

He didn't text me back til the next day... and said hmm maybe.

Then the next day he texted me and said he needed a break and that we may not have had as much in common as he originally thought and that I'm a nice person and he didn't want to lead me on.

Several days later I wrote him back saying I agreed that a break was good. I did agree, really, I live at home with a crazy mom and honestly, I felt like things were going way too fast for me. He was the first guy I met and dated here when I got back and it just happened SO quickly. So I wrote him back saying maybe we could meet up in a month or so when things have settled down and we can hang out as friends. Then I told him about some cool event he'd like and I said good luck with his job.

He wrote me back a really nice message saying thanks for the heads up and good luck with my job as well.

I left it at that... I don't know if I will meet up with him or not. There are lots of guys out there, but I really did like this one! Where do I go from here? Why did he want a break? I think he wants to date other people before he picks one... but idk. I had pretty much everything he was looking for in his ideal girl which he had described to me.


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  • He probably wants to take things faster than you. He sounds like he's ready to commit now and maybe the fact that you hadn't told your parents (not a biggie yet) upset him. It could have turned him off, but not enough to stop the make out session. After that, he might have thought you were to slow for him and forgot all about the making out

    • Yeah, I have no idea. Maybe you're right. He did say "break" and not break up. I'd almost prefer a definitive answer. Now I'm kind of stuff wondering. I hope he wakes up and realizes he misses me! Although I have no idea if that'll happen :/.