What would be a good second message to a girl on a dating website?

I’ve asked another question about this girl, which you can answer here: link Thanks!

Anyway, I messaged a girl last night on Plenty of Fish. Her profile doesn’t say much about her, apart from that she is ‘artsy’. I messaged her: “Hey :) What kind of art do you do? Cute cat, by the way!”. She replied: ”I'm at [name of school] so I'm in musical theatre”.

What would be a good second message?

I’m most interested in answers from guys who have had success with online dating. It can be your own advice, or you can link me to an online article or whatever. But other people can answer too.


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  • You comment on her answer etc etc...then say...I'd like to continue this conversation at Kelly's coffee shop at Main street and Broadway. I'm free next Tuesday at 8pm...are you? If you haven't already...make sure to put your name in the email.


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  • ask her what her favorite food is:)


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