Boyfriend says he created a dating profile to help his friend find a girl. Should I believe him?

I found out my boyfriend of 1.5 years created a dating profile (on the same site we met) while away on a monthlong vacation.

I noticed the dating site came up on the home page of his google chrome when he was searching something one day and when I asked him about it he said it was from a long time ago- that it was one of his "most viewed" pages.

A friend of mine on the dating site found out he had in fact created a profile while away but it had since been deleted. All that could be read from the profile was "NOTE: I'm actually back home in M, not C anymore. ALSO, I'm mainly here to help support my good friend who just signed up."

When I confronted him about it he said he created it to support his friend who had just been dumped and that he only had the profile for a few days. What doesn't make sense is that he only returned home to M 5 months after his travels to C, which, based on the update on his profile, would lead me to believe he had the profile from the time he traveled in C up until he returned home 5 months later.

I guess I'm wondering if this story seems fishy to anyone else or if I'm just being overly concerned for nothing.

(I should probably also mention he is always very secretive about his computer and the things he does online)


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  • I would say that's a red flag. I think you should keep your eye on him and see if he starts acting different. I wouldn't ask him about cheating unless you have a very good reason for believing so. Otherwise don't bring it up to him because he might get angry that you don't trust him.

    But I wouldn't worry about it too much since he admitted on his profile that he wanted to support a friend. Just keep an eye out for any strange behaviors, you can even look up "signs that he is cheating." But don't ruin your relationship over something that might not even be true.

    I wish you the best of luck :)


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  • Nope, most guys who I know use them to meet up with random girls for sex... especially since in my job we travelled around a lot of places and spouses don't really follow. Basic logic here, why would you sign onto a dating site to support your friend? Why not just get your friend to join one and wish him good luck or advice. I don't need my own profile to give support.

  • That makes no sense at all. It's like "Hey buddy! Instead of helping you make your own profile... I'll make one of my own to help you!" He's messing around behind your back.


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  • dump him...he moved on already

    i didn't read all of what you wrote.

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