What should I do with things between us?

So there is this guy who liked for seven months. After he rejected me, we still hung out. Two months ago, he suddenly told me that he liked another girl and she rejected him. It made me jealous. Later on, we got into an argument, because he refused to walk me home from the gym. I made him stay with me on the parking lot for almost two hours. He got frustrated and yelled at me. That night was just so overwhelming to me. I just knew that he liked another girl and yelled at me. It made me feel like it was the end of the world. Meanwhile, I was stressed out because of school, I was finishing my sophomore year in college, but I just found I didn't like my major any more, and I was really behind units, and I did not like studying abroad in the U.S. Those things together made me want to kill myself. When he noticed that, he calmed me down by talking with me for a really long time.

Two days later, he and I got into another argument, and it made me want to jump from the highest building at our school. He called 911 and later on he picked me up at the hospital. On our way to my apartment, he said he wanted distance. He said:"I think you are confused now. After things are sorted out, just contact me."

I bumped into him on campus one month later, we talked, but he suddenly said:"I am not gonna give you attention out of my way. We are more like acquaintances now."

What he said made me sad and anxious again. I made him talk with me for almost two hours at the computer lab, where he worked. But he refused to promise that he would be my friend again. He thought I had emotional issues and that he needed time to get over what happened between us.

But I felt like I must get his reassurance at the time, so after I left the lab, I sent him six messages telling him how important his reassurance would be to me. Finally, he texted me back and told me:"Yeah, we can be friends after you get over your emotional issues."

Do you guys think he just used that text message to make me shut up or he really meant it?

I texted him on July 26th and to my surprise, he texted me back right away.

Me:"Hey how are your summer classes going?"

He:"They are stressful. Tooo much work. How about yours?"

Me:"Stressful too. Tooo much memorization."

He:"That doesn't sound fun at all."

Me:"You are probably busy with incoming finals too."

He:"Yeah, I didn't sleep last night Because of lab report."

Then, I just stopped.

I later on texted him again. First I said:"Good luck on your test this week."

He did not text me back right away. Later, I said:"I feel bad. I think I am being overly harsh towards Diana." He asked:"Why? What's going on?" I never texted him back, because I just realized it was hard to talk about the whole thing through text.

Will he think I am tricking him or something?

Don't tell me to let it go. He would be a nice friend if I could work things out.


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  • Suicide is never the solution to things...life can get tough for sure but it will get better and there are a lot of resources out there to help deal with depression as well. I'm not an expert on the subject, but I'm sure if you deal with those issues first then a lot of things will really start to fall into place for you. Best of luck

  • Good God. You need some serious help.


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