Being given another chance

Basically I knew this shy girl kinda had a crush on me and I liked her but messed up i.e asked her out too soon did not know her well enough and over whelmed her and so on she said no

However after a couple of months and getting to know her I went on a date with her, very Informal but it was made out like a proper date. She knew my feelings. After that I messed up again. This was my first time trying to get a shy girl so I went about it completly the wrong way. I still knew she liked me though after the date. Anyway I won't see her for a couple of months over the summer and I feel she doesn't like me anymore because she doesn't reply back but she sometimes didn't through out the previous months. I was wondering if their is any hope for me in the future. Is all hope lost? She is the kinda girl that dates her friends so I did well I think?


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  • use the opportunity to make a good impression:)


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