Shall I leave it for her to text me back or send reminder??

Had a date recently with a girl this wk, went really well! Had about 5 hrs together lovely meal and very romantic kiss at the end of the date.

She etxt to say had a lovely evening and I replied saying we would have to hook up soon. She text me late the next evening... then had a flirt through text didn't get a reply to my last text... she text the next morning to say she'd fell asleep hope I have a good day in short... I sent her a text later that day saying my w/e plans had changed and I'm free at the moment have a few things in mind we can do let me know...haven't had a reply and its been 2 days now and the w/e!

Shall I txt leave it for her to txt me or ask her she ok, did she get my txt?

I did try to call this girl way bk, she was only in to texting I asked her out twice then said if its not gonna happen us meeting up again let me know so I can pursue else where! She said we had a great evening but its bad timing with her finishing studying
I said I'd leave it for her to get in touch if I was still free then we can hook up again and pick things up...
Funny looking bk at this now was a month ago and have 2-3 different options at the mo...haven't even thought about her! lol


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  • Hey, it looks like she does like you, you should text again her asking if she s free/if she got your text cause you want to see her!

    hope it work out x

    • Thanks, that's a good one! x

      She txt me last night randomly asking how my night was going and she was in bed, exchanged a few txts today have asked what her plans are for this wk / weekend? Would she like to go out. So will see what she responses. Txting game at the beginning is always a mission hey! I prefer phoning!

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  • ps can you give ur opinion on mine? its the "shall I text him again" one... ;)

    • For a lad I would say leave it 2-3 days then get intouch again ask how's things? etc If you send a follow up... I say most guys may think your needy or depespate. Generally if theirs a girl I'm really into I won't miss her txt or take ages to reply either way...

  • you should call her! it def does sound like she's interested she might have got caught off track or be playin hard to get

  • the guy always texts first.


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  • Dude! Two things

    1) The whole hey I'm free right now thing, it not going to fly with most girls. Couple reasons, probably had plans, have to get ready, might not want to go since she does know what you had in mind and so on. Your better off trying something with a little more heads up. But you did try and you get points from her for that. But you'll get more if you don't give up.

    2) text her again but this time get a little text convo going and ask her when she's free and if she wants to meet up again and then figure out the date time place. If she doesn't respond that time or can't seem to commit to meeting up give her a week or so and put together a final attempt.

    But don't give up yet, I think she is just might not have wanted to meet up the next day, personally a little early for back to back days like that after a first date.

  • why don't you call her!

    • I don't think she comfortable with that yet...i asked her a while back if I could call her (before we went out) she seems the sort of girl that prefers txting at the beginning...pain! Hate this txting lark!

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    • I asked her a few times and she never replied to that question...

      Good point...i don't think so but she maybe playing

    • Im now curious as to why Just call her and see what happens... do update.

      She probably won't even answer the phone..

      But I wouldn't date her though it sounds like something is fishy..

  • yea talk to her