A battle worth fighting for? help!

I always retreat whenever I see I am in the booty-call-zoned, or whenever I suppose he's no t that interested as he's not very active, like inviting me to dates or sending texts frecuently... but I've been asking myself lately, what if I start fighting for the guy I want? It will always be a lost cause if I never fight for it.

Anyways, I really like a guy, and weeks ago I said to him that I didn't want to him anymore because I wanted dates and going put with him and he told me he wasn't used to it and didn't like it, and that it always happened that girls fall in love and he didn't. Long story short, he's not used to dates and is very very difficult for him to fall in love. But he sent a text a week later, and the following week asked me to hang out when I left the nightclub, and he seemed really interested in me, sending a lot of messages.

My question is: should I fight for him? I honestly don't know how to... Is there a way back from the bootycallzone? How do you think I can call his attention and make him want me? I doubt that not sending him texts is the answer.

My friends say that with time and as we keep hanging put he will get to know me and maybe fall in love. But I doubt this fling will last like this.


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What Guys Said 1

  • respond to a message like "want to hang out" by saying "you can buy me dinner :D" id fall for that lol

    • i invited him to go for drinks! twice, but he couldn't :( ... I believed him, I believe he didn't lie... but I was waiting for him to invite me, but never did

    • thanks for your answer! I will maybe try that when we get to know each other more

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  • if you start fighting for a guy who doesn't really want you? well he will have an ego boost, be flattered, then realize that you are into him more than he is to you and work it to his advantage. I have a lot of male family members and I've seen how they have treated women over the years. if you "fight" for a guy who isn't that into you then he will just keep you around for whatever purposes he has for you, but it won't make him see the light and eventually like you. 9 times outta 10, guys like that usually fall for the girl who doesn't give a f*** about fighting for him or not. you put yourself on a lower level when you fight for your way out the booty call zone. why? because he knows he has the upper hand over you. why would he want to wife (fall in love) with a chick he's already had and there's no mystery? not talking just sex but obviously he isn't that compelled to be with you already or he wouldn't need convincing. your friends are giving you bad advice. most girls give each other bad advice. you really need to talk to some brothers/cousins if you have any and ask them to put you on game, boys can teach you a lot more about other boys than girls who always get played can lol

    • thanks! Your answer really helped me! I THINK YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, and it made me see the truth, Thanks!