I kissed this guy and the next day he broke up with me?

i kissed him and he broke up with me and went out with another girl

the next day it hurt me really bad


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  • when I guy first kisses a girl it has to be magical he has to feel the spark and connection.the kiss must make him want more of you and more to the relationship.and maybe he just did not feel it with you.maybe the feeling with the other girl was to strong.its not your fault try kissing someone else but before the relationship phase so you too can feel the spark and just taste the waters before ure in a relationship.

    • Well he went out with me again after he broke up with the other girl(the other girl is my best friend) and I'm just wondering if I should go out with him again if he asks because I really really like him so its hard to stop likeing him. is he a player. and thanks for the advice

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  • My second boyfriend was my first kiss. He was the first one I told my parents about. He came over to my house one day, and dumped me the next. Some guys are jerks with no consideration toward your feelings. Those ones are not worth your time, but there are many who are. So I would say you should forget about this loser (I know it takes a long time =/), move on, and find one who is worth your time.

  • so what's your question?

    • Lol I thought the same thing :D

      jsut forget him.

      wtf. so not worth it

    • My qestion is my x boyfriend kissed me and he brock up with me the day after and went out with the other girl even though he said he had no more feeling for her he hurt me bad.and I still like him so its a problem. what should I do???????? and I'm wondering if he asks me out again should I go back out with him.

    • Okay okay sorry hahha.

      ummm idk. he's not worth it if he did that to you. if he asked you back out again I geuss you could say yes but I would be careful of getting hurt by him again and making sure that he really does care about you.

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