Need a lady's perspective

I'll squish it down to summary points.

I met this girl,

Hung out with her as friends,

Fell for her and then acted weird which drove her away (I'm not very good with feelings),

Didn't see her for a long while stayed loosely in contact, (6m-1y)

Scheduled an outing with her (promised myself I wouldn't fall for her again),

Fell for her again,

Currently seeing her a bit more and more (going out and doing dating things - but not actually dating?),

So that's where that is, what should I do next?

The thing is, the times when we went out I think we both had a really good time. I can make her laugh and smile uncontrollably. I think any other girls would have though of those outings as dates, but this girls different. She's a bit younger then me (4 years) but I don't think she's naive or anything.

It's kinda hard because I think about her a lot (A.L.O.T) like first thought when I wake up and last before I sleep and I lose focus at college and at work thinking about her.

But I'm way in to her then she is about me-

and that hurts :(

I think the reason why I don't tell her is because I'm scared she'll freak and drift apart from me but Idk.

And I know I can move on and etc and I've dated quite alot, (and usually I can move on if a relationship goes sour) but I've never had such a strong connection and been this crazily in love with a girl like her. All I want to do is tell her how I feel and (yes cheesy) love her forever.

What should I do? My emotions are all over the place.

Thanks vmuch.


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  • ahhhh! Tell her! :) actually ask her out on a proper date. But, if she doesn't feel the same about you then force yourself to move on because you can't force her to love you back and if you don't tell her and she ends up finding out after a long as time, you pretty much just wasted that long as time for nothing. Just hope for the best and expect the worst and you'll get over it if she's not interested. But if she does like you back good for you!


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  • I think you're in love ... yeah tell her ! Ask her to b your girlfriend if you have been seeing her for a while as friends ... What ever the answer is ... remember that at least You KNOW Now .. no need to Wonder and can help you decide better to what's next .. Move On or STAY ! Good luck ! :)

  • have a convo with her:)


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