Why does this guy keep texting me after 7 months?

We hooked up at beginning of year... met him at a bar and we kinda talked about cool topics but I definitely thought it was only a hookup and nothing more and he texts me randomly


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  • He's looking to keep that door open for another easy hook up. He puts out the bait every once in a while to remind you of him. Then one day, when you're feeling horny and maybe vulnerable you might just call him up again. It happened once so in his mind it's a possibility it'll happen again. Very few men will turn down free sex.

    • Naw we didn't even have sex but I do see your point I just find it really weird because I didn't even add the number and I didn't even know who it was and he gets butt hurt haha

    • Then he's hoping that one day you will have sex with him. If he was really interested in dating you, being your boyfriend, then he would do more than text randomly.

    • Not really looking for dating but yes I do agree with that.. (I forgot to put it the flirting or behavior section haha)

      I just thought there was a mutual understanding of hook up and no more contact