Do you think he's sure of his decision?

Me and my on off boyfriend of 2 years finally eded it for good last week. It was his decision off the back of him finding some messages in my Facebook between me and a friend of mine that he found to be flirty. In the messages I directly tell this person how I'm happy in my relationship however as I have known the guy a long time and I don't have many close guy friends, he saw the general flow of the conversation as too comfortable I guess.

We've had a long history of trust issues (both ways for various reasons) but things had been so fantastic over the past 6 months I thought we were really moving forward. I offered to not talk to this person anymore if it made him uncomfortable and tried to talk to the logic that there is no way if I was legitimately flirting with someone that id be bragging about how happy I am in my relationship.. but he was done. Given that we've come such a long way and there was so much good to be lost, I've fought pretty hard for the last week to try and fix it but he is too angry / want to choose to see the good. I'm extremely hurt. It all became pretty final last night when I went to his house to try and talk it over one last time, and he told me his feelings about me had changed and he wasn't interested in what I had to say.

There were some hysterical tears on my part and I left.

My housemate (who I met through him) decided to take me out to cheer me up. As sad as I was I decided there was no point trying anymore because he was obviously done. It so happened that he was at the club we went to and rudely made a nasty face at me and walked off. Then the text messages began

Me: I know you didn't want o talk to me but you didn't need to be so rude to (housemate), She's your friend.

Him: if you were really upset you wouldn't be out at a club.

Me: I wasn't enjoying myself but you have made your choice and I have to start moving on because I'm done fighting if your feelings have changed. Also if I have hurt you so much it is also hypocritical of you to have a go at me for being here.

Him: I had to leave because I was miserable. I

Me: So am I, but you made your decision and I have to accept that. I made it very clear to you every day for the past week that this isn't what I want, so you don't get to get on my back about this.

Him: this is too soon

Me: Too soon for what? I went out because despite how badly I want it, you told me there's no chance for us. You don't want me anymore and I have to move on. You have made that clear

I didn't hear back but I feel like this reaction doesn't make sense if he is so sure that he is doing the right thing, am I reading into it too much or is that confusing?


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  • He's not sure and was taken back seeing you in the club. Give it sometime, don't contact him anymore. he knows how you said you were going to respect his decision and move on.

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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