first date idea? hot sauce festival?

So there is this girl I have been talking to, and I want to ask her out for a date. She lives in different city from me, but we will have both arrived on campus by the time classes begin. We don't have too much interaction out side of class work.

I am known for enjoying spicy food, hot sauces and peppers. There happens to be a hot sauce festival, the weekend before classes begin.

Is it an acceptable first date?

The festival is all day long, how long should I take her for?

If we don't have too many common friends, how would a group date work?


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  • Hmm that's a pickle. I think that's a funky idea! (in a good way!) I've never heard of a festival like that, it's different which is a definite conversation starter. Yes it's acceptable.

    I think you should go when it's been a few hours since the festival has been going on. You don't want to go when there isn't a whole lot happening. Leaving is different, you can either leave when something bad happens, you can leave if it get's boring, but you should definitely leave when she wants to leave because if she's not happy the date goes south. By that same token, keep her excited to be there as much as you can. If you can manage to keep her energy up the whole day kudos to you!

    Well for friends, you could try introducing at least one of your friends to one of her friends but I could see how that might be an issue since you don't see her much outside class so why would you see her friends? At the very least I think instead of you going with your friend and her, go with her and one of her friends. It's important that she feels comfortable and she might feel comfortable with you but not comfortable with one of your friends that she doesn't really know, especially since it is the first date. it is kinda third wheelish but that's all I can think of. OR you could have 2 of your friends and 2 of her friends and 2 of your friends so that things are even and everyone has a crutch so to speak.

    I hope I was some kind of help to you!


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  • Oh man that sounds awesome:) I would love that date.haha


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  • I think that the festival sounds like a wonderful idea for a first date! You can interact and socialize and test stuff out together and possibly share a common interest and like for the same spicy foods!

    I'd start by asking her if she likes spicy food or not just so you don't end up taking her if she hates spicy stuff. Then if she says she does be like "well there's a festival in town and I was thinking of going, would you like to join me?".

    This date could really turn out well, it sounds like a cute/awesome first date ( I live for spicy food)

    I wish you the best of luck mate! Have fun at the festival! :)

  • I'd find out if she at least likes spicy foods first... If not it would be like a girl taking you shopping for a first date. She should want to be there and enjoy it, if she doesn't enjoy it, she'll attach those feelings to you regardless of how well you treat her.