When you 'like' someone, what's the difference between a 'date' and hanging out. if both are plan in advance

is the difference that no one expects to kiss at the end?

technically how are they different.

i mean any plan has a date. you make an arrangement in advance on a particular date. so its a date. but not a _date_.whats the difference?


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  • A date has romantic implications whereas hanging out doesn't. You can be doing the same activities with somebody but in one situation it could be a date and in one situation it could be just hanging out... I've gone and shot pool and grabbed drinks with a friend, that would be hanging out. I've also shot pool and grabbed drinks with a girl and it was definitely a date. Fwiw, a date doesn't have to always have kissing going on either.

    A date isn't referring to a particular day, when people say we should date for example, they are talking about seeing each other on an intimate or romantic level.

    That's why some girls will say "are you asking me out on a date" because it's unclear if the guy is taking her out as a friend or as a lover in her mind.

  • Atmosphere.

    • meaning?

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    • psychological space.

      I said that way back in the beginning.

      ok thank you.

    • It isn't psychological. It's emotional. Nothing in there indicates mindset.

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