If a co-worker asks you out to lunch on a regular but can't date you due to a work policy what is he thinking

I was in a higher position then him but we weren't allowed to date because of it. We were both managers tho. When at work we spent a lot of time together and he even tried to plan a day out date but was refused the day off.

Everyone thought we were into each other, however since I have left he hasn't pursued much. We have went out to lunch a few times and where we once paid for our own he has now started to pay for us both. Should I even think he is interested in me as more than a friend ?

He even made me a cd of some of his favorite songs lol but still hasn't made an official date. I did meet his brother and hang out with them both on the 4th of July


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  • Maybe he was using you to get up in the business

    • no he honestly doesn't like it there. even after I left he still treats me the same. Like he's interested but scared . :(