How do I start acting more like a boyfriend than just a date?

Recently me and this very lovely girl became boyfriend and girlfriend and I really like her, I feel like I don't really treat her like a girlfriend but more as just a friend or a date and I want to be better to her in that sense. How do I treat a girl more like a girlfriend?


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  • cuddle more and talk more.


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  • Above all, you should be physical with her. That's the one very important domain that is reserved only for boyfriends. Not even family can be physical with a girl the way her boyfriend can. This means touching, especially where others aren't allowed. So, while her pals from school can tap her on the shoulder to ask a question, you get to grab her hand. If you're sitting next to her and want to get her attention, rather than waving your hand in her face, put your hand on her thigh. Or, while you're talking, rest your hand on her knee for a while. Don't focus on it, focus on the conversation, and move it after a while - she will want her knee back eventually!

    Give her unexpected hugs. Plop kisses on her cheek. Make jokes, charge the atmosphere sexually. Talk to her in a tone that no other man can use without expecting trouble from YOU...

    I would hold back on the pet names, but eventually, you may want to call her "honey," "sweetcheeks," or anything else that feels natural.

    Little things like putting your arm around her shoulders when you talk to a third party go a long way towards making you feel like a couple and not just casual dating partners. When you have company, make sure to acknowledge your girlfriend with your own special code of body language, facial expressions, and eye contact. You should build your own little world where you have inside jokes and special ways of communicating that exclude everyone else. Like you're the only two who are "in on it." You'll notice that the really "cute" couples act like this. Out of nowhere, they'll both burst out laughing, even though they haven't said anything - but they just shared a moment that only they will understand because they've given it a specific context.

    Lastly, you want to get to know her friends and (eventually) family. For now, it's important that you meet the people she hangs out with and REMEMBER their NAMES and HOBBIES. The more sincere interest you show in her friends, the better. When they grow to like you, your girlfriend will see you more as a part of her life as "the boyfriend" and not just some guy she's seeing on the side. They also have to see you with her so there's that subconscious "she's taken" effect at work. You need to plant that flag proudly. That way, there isn't any doubt in her mind because, after all, her friends are asking, how are things with your boyfriend Anonymous? not Uhhh, are you still seeing that one guy? LEARN her immediate family members' NAMES, even if you don't meet them yet. When you learn the environments and people she deals with regularly, you won't be lost when she starts a story with "You won't believe what MARK just told me about LISA..." If you understand her right away without her having to clarify, you're making huge steps towards being less of a date and more of her Man.

    • I do establish physical contact quite often, I open doors for her and put my arm around her, pay for her the odd time when I take her out. We haven't really been in too many super public situations with friends and what not but if we were I'd be sure to give her some special treatment.

      It also helps I'm super great with names also was friends with her two closest friends and many of her other friends. Her two best friends really like me and we all get along together :P I think maybe it just

    • Needs more time for me to feel like its actually happening and like we are actually together

    • Yeah, time is definitely a key factor. You want to put in *quality* time with her with engaging face-to-face conversation. Protip: the more different, unique places you go with her, the longer it will *seem* that you've been together. Instead of going on 4 movie dates a week where you go to the theater and then back home and maybe dinner beforehand, take her out 2 times a week on things like bowling>concert>drinks or laser tag>live theatre>dinner or sports game>window shopping>home-cooked meal.

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