Do the little things women do make a man happy?

I'm asking this because I was discussing to my boyfriend how I would send him heart texts and he wouldn't respond with a text back. Usually when I text him that hell just call me. But out f nowhere tonight he sends me a little heart text and it just made my night. Little things like that put the biggest smile on my face. What about for guys, what little things put a smile on your face?


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  • Aww. yes I love the little things. Not all guys, but many guys like that kind of thing. My girlfriend does that kind of thing. I'm very happy with my sweet, caring girlfriend :)


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  • Yeah, definitely I love it when my girlfriend sends me a heart text or does something for me. It just shows me that she cares and loves me. Every little thing counts.

  • "Do the little things women do make a man happy?"

    No, at least not when they are the same things that would make a woman happy.

    A lot of women make that mistake - they give the guy what would make a girl happy, and don't realize that guys don't care about that stuff.

    Cards are a good example of this.

    Generally speaking, guys like different "little" things. And women need to learn what they are, instead of assuming they know. Or when given some examples, thinking "That's stupid". Because that's how most guys feel about the little things that make girls happy. They are stupid. But we do them anyway,

  • Yes, pretty much any small act that shows that someone cares or was thinking about me would make me happy. Ex. Random text message or phone call, spontaneous hug or kiss, a small gift, etc.

  • if by little things you mean blow jobs and sex, yes.

    • No...

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    • Let me rephrase my questions. What about non sexual things..

    • sure cooking and cleaning.

  • By and large, no. I absolutely abhor small pointless activities from other people, so obviously my partners past, but my lover now knows better and we only act meaningfully. She prefers it that way too really; it's annoying to be honest to always having someone give you those little faces and whatnot with every message that says something basic or unimportant like those random "I miss you texts!"

    I mean they are good if they are infrequent but people often overdo all that little stuff.

    • Wow alright. I simple no would've been better :) sent you a smiley face even though I'm sure you don't like that.

    • You got me! :(

    • Lol

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