Not sure what to make of her reply?

Me and this girl have been getting to know each other (we're yet to meet, but I'm going to push that question soon). I saw she uploaded a picture on Facebook and I hit like, then half an hour later I texted her:

Me - Name your best feature? I know the answer already, your smile.. x

Girl - Erm.. Maybe. Or my eyes I don't know x

Girl - Thanks cutie (smiley blowing a kiss, then a love heart after)

Me - Yeah maybe. How about I beat you again at 20 questions x

Girl - Can do baby :) x

Me - Okay losers first x

Girl - Off you go then (smiley blowing kiss)

Am I over thinking this? They were all quick replies, but her first reply seemed like she dismissed my compliment, then she sent another thanking me?


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  • to me, over thinking it. I have done the same thing. it sounds like she doesn't like her smile that much, but she likes your input.


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  • honestly? just looks like playful chit chat to me, nothing really flirty about it, she thanked you for a compliment that's normal, just keep talking to her man

    • Would you say it's flirting if she asks me questions about "describing my perfect girl", "how many people have you slept with" etc? I asked her to describe her perfect guy, she said "Loyal, caring, funny, protective, naughty, knows what he wants.. A proper man! x"

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    • well I gota go bud, but id try and make a date with her, just be direct something like "you know what? why don't we go out sometime? il take you out somewhere to (insert activity be it eating, drinking etc) and we can chat and get to know each other" and build from there, good luck.

    • Haha yeah, something I should have done. I told her I'd rather get to know her in person and she replied "What has that got to do with anything? x". It's annoying as I've been getting signals off her, but it's like she doesn't seem interested in that reply. Maybe how I said it was random, but if I get excuses I'll cut my losses.