Is it normal to be nervous about the first kiss with a new bf/gf?

I've kissed before with one guy, but I've never kissed my current boyfriend yet, and even though I REALLY want to, I'm really nervous. And I know he is to, and I think I'll be his first ever kiss which makes me more nervous. I just feel so much more for him and stuff. lol So is this normal?

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  • Id imagine so, its just overcoming a barrier with someone so you can reach the next level of intimacy. If you like them then there will always be some nerves, regardless of how many times youve kissed someone else before.

    So what you're his first, if anything that should put you at ease: you're going to be the best kiss he's ever had.


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  • Most definitely normal! :)

    My fiancee and I were super nervous when we first started dating- we could barely hold hands! So, when it came time to kiss him, I quickly pecked him on the lips.

    Take your time and try it when it feels like the right time to do it. Let the kiss happen naturally and your nerves won't be too much of a problem.

  • Definitely normal.