How do you define a date?

I don't really like the idea of dating. I get the feeling that when I'm expected to pay I'm either paying for a woman's time which feels unfair or paying for sex which I'd rather not.

I always ask if a woman wants to hang out then or go see a movie or something similar. Do women see this as me asking for a date, me showing interest in them or me just being friendly. All this is assuming I have flirted with them a little and there is an indication of chemistry


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  • mhm... If you flirt with her and you ask her to hang out with you alone, yes she will consider that as a date.

    However if you don't want her to take the impression that you are asking her out on a date just tell her if she don't mind you bringing another friend with you, or if she wants she can bring a friend along with her.

    To me a date is when to people come into agreement of both feelings and agree to have some quality time together. Having a date don't necessarily have to be at a restaurant, etc...

    You could walk around and talk to the girl you like and that can be consider a date right there.


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