Does it have a negative influence on my career if I date with the son of my boss?

I'm dating a guy whose father is my boss. At the beginning when we knew each other, he didn't tell me who is his father. But he told me after we get along and sort of dating. Some of my colleagues think that I wanna take advantage of him by dating him. Will it have a negative influence on me if I keep dating him? I care what other people think about me, but I care more about him. I'm worried that whether he also thinks so.


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  • Sure it will help you, IF you stay together, If you break up, you'll be resented by the other people at your work, and they'll always consider you a gold digger.

    I mean, they'll also consider you a gold digger if you stay together, and you won't be taken seriously by most of them, even if you get a corner office as vice president through your boy friend.

    • Thank you for your reply. It seems like it will have a negative influence whatever I do. We try to keep it secret in public, and I don't wanna him to tell his dad. but not sure whether this is a good solution.

    • You're in a difficult situation..usually the boss's wife doesn't have a serious career of her own in the same field as her guy for this reason.

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