So I went on this sort of date hang out thing

Well a couple of weeks ago I got a new dog. A Rottweiler puppy actually three months old. So I've been occupied with taking care of her. So one day I wast talking with this nice girl and I said I had a puppy of course and showed her a picture and then we were talking and I said that a friend of mine told me about a nice place to walk the dog in her area. I said if she knew about it and if she'd show me where it was. She said sure and one day I took the dog and we went for a long walk and a drink. It was getting late and I eventually had to take the dog home so I asked her if she wanted to join me at a party I was planing on going and she said yes so we took my dog home and went to the party. After the party we took another long walk and ended up by the lake shore talking for a couple of hours as she waited for her friends to pick her up to give her a ride home.

Anyway I had a nice time and she said she also had a great time. The thing is a buddy of mine told me that I was crazy for not making a move because she was clearly into me but I don't know I asked her because she seemed nice and I liked her company. Of course she's attractive but I've sort of made mistakes in the past of becoming too eager and interested in a girl too fast and drove them off. But with this one I went out just because she seemed really nice to talk too and I like company when I walk the dog.

Am I crazy? I don't know but I'm hesitant to think that anyone would be interested in me that fast or just from the beginning and we even talked about this kind of stuff with her. I told her that I've been in stupid situations before and I don't like thing things fast and never catch on if a girl is interested in me or not. So I always try to go on the assumption that the girl is only being friendly.

Am I weird?

Was it a date of some sort or was it just friendly hanging out? She did say she'd love to do it again and that she had the most fun in a long time and I did too.

Because of this I've got a bad history of catching on that they're interested only after I've insulted them by not catching on that they're interested and ignoring signs that they want me to make a move.

Well any input or thoughts about this whole thing are greatly appreciated so thanks.


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  • You are crazy. She agreed to spend hours with you, go to a party with you, then spend more time with you.

    Ask her out. Make a move.

    It's better to make a move on a girl who is not interested than it is to not make a move on a girl who is interested.

    If she's on this site, she's probably composing a similar question asking why you never made a move.

    • Ha ha..I'd like to ask her if she has no life, outside of following new guys around all day.

    • I agree making a move and getting shut down is better than and trying again is better than not trying at all. But somehow I don't have the guts to do that. It's happened that they have given me hints to make a move but I was to stupid to notice or didn't pick up on it or wasn't sure if it was my imagination or not. This has been a huge problem the last couple of years.

      Yes she told me that she hasn't got that many friends and she works a lot but loves to meet new people and hang out with fun ppl

  • I think you were too eager this time as well. Her behavior is strange. Makes me wonder if she doesn't have a life. She spends a long time walking the dog with you,and drinks, Then you invite her to a party, she accepts going to a party with a stranger? Then, after the party, you guys walk some more. You messed up a lot here bro. You spent way too much time with this new girl. A smart guy, leaves a girl wanting more. He doesn't spend the whole day with her! She messed up as well. I don't care that she kept agreeing to do things with you. That just raises more concerns about her.

    A womans "hook" is sex, and her sex appeal. A smart woman, can use her sex appeal to get many guys to do about anything.

    A guys "hook" though rarely used, is challenge. Many women call this playing games, and say they don't like it, but in reality a guy being a Challenge is the most powerful weapon we have. A woman can't control how she feels toward a guy. Only a guys behavior can do that. When a guy is a challenge, he becomes much more attractive to women, Mentally, women might not like it...but emotionally and psychologically, they can't resist a "challenge" guy.

    As long as you pass the eye can then use challenge wisely to attract about any girl you want. The good thing is, most guys don't know about challenge, or how and when to use it properly. Because of this, those who do use it the right way...we benefit greatly.

    You were anything but a challenge in this story. You've dug yourself a hole. You did nothing to really check her interest level in you. For all we know, she might have been lonely or bored. Regardless, you have drastically lowered her interest in you already.

    • Ok I get what you're saying. But in the first place I really wasn't trying to be a challenge for her. I just liked the company and when I tried being a "challenge" with any other girl I failed miserably because all it got me was them not being interested in the end.

      So I'd really love to here more about this since you seem to be quite an expert. Like I said either I've caught on to late or screwed it up anyway.

    • By the way what do you mean by "passing the eye test"?

    • Looks. She has to like how you look.