Should it be taken as an insult if you never have any luck when it comes to dating and someone you know

decides to set you up with someone that either has a mental retardation or someone whose behavior really creeps people out?


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  • It would depend on the person who set you up.

    How well does this person know you?

    If it's your best friend and your assuming that she

    has your best interests at heart then maybe you

    shouldn't consider it an insult. If your saying that

    you never have any luck, then that tells me you

    have tried going on dates with several different

    types of guys. Chalk it up as this weirdo just being

    another guy who didn't mesh well with your


    Now if this was someone you only kind of know,

    I wouldn't rely on her to set you up for any other

    dates. She more than likely doesn't know you

    well enough to make a good match. Still don't

    take it as an insult and move on. It's just a case

    of ignorance.

    Finally we get to the nitty gritty. If this person has a

    beef with you publicly or otherwise, then you would

    probably be justified in being insulted.

    Note: I wasn't there so I don't know, but it is also

    possible that this wasn't for your sake, but for the guy's.

    Many men who are inexperienced with women come

    across as slow or a bit creepy. In this case, you may

    have been "used" to get him into the dating pool and

    give him the confidence he needed to change.


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  • I've never seen many set-ups work anyway, and this situation, it's an insult. It reminds me of when I was in high school and people tried to set me up with the basketball equipment manager.

  • i would be thankful for a person who finds a girl who is willing to date a loser like me


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