What's your policy on kissing?

I'm going out with this girl and 2 days after I asked her I kissed her. She's the type of girl that likes to take things slow so I was wondering if anyone thinks I took it too fast?

Also ladies, what's your dream first kiss.. like how do you wish it would happen?

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  • I am a guy but I'm in the same problem you are in. So here's what I think.

    If she didn't reject you kissing her, and she didn't say anything about it. Then your doing fine. Just ask her what she wants. That way you don't supprize her when all she wants is someone to be there for her. I'm not saying that is the case. But if you've only been dating two days you might want to make sure that she is ready before you try moving to fast.

    Hope that helps.


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  • Hey! Well you had your fisrt kiss with her already, but id say the percfect 1st kiss is in an "unexpected" moment, like when your just the two of you somewhere nice, when you feel you're really comfortable talking and laughing and then a glance... and there you are! nothing much really, it's more about the feeling I guess...

    Also you say you asked her out first and kissed her two days after, that's really courageous, usually poeple kiss first and then are like " do you want to go on..?" so no I don't think you took it too fast!

    But if you wanna be sure, you should ask her! girls like to talk :p

    good luck x

    • Unexpected eh?

      Well what happened was:

      I walked her home from school like I did the day before and like the day before we hugged goodbye. But this time, she let go and went to turn and walk away but as she did I grabbed her

      hand and held her. She looked at me a bit confused and I looked into her eyes, smiled and said "can I kiss you?" she smiled and said yes.

      Best. Day. Ever! :)

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