We had a text fight (or something?) and now he's probably mad?

We had mini fight of some sort, where it started with him saying that I always fall asleep on him when we txt, when in reality he just stops texting so I decided to go to sleep. Then it turned into if he was worth it I wouldn't mind losing sleep waiting on him to text me. To which I reply whether you're worth it or not I need 8 hrs of sleep...so on..then he says I guess that's your answer and he felt like I was acting like I was being forced to text him, which I immediately corrected by saying I was doing it because I wanted to and he can't force me to text him..and now we're not txting anymore.

(Please note that this conversation was at 3-4 in the morning, as are most of our conversations. The me falling asleep is in reference to me going to sleep from 8 am -2 pm, because I've been up talking to him until 4-7 in the morning)

I feel like he's mad over nothing and it annoys me even more that we're fighting over something like this when we're supposed to be friends and not dating or anything. (This goes into a whole 'nother issue that would take forever to explain)

I was annoyed at the time, but I'm not mad about anything. I think he might be mad at me just by the way text ended (saying things like "Fine *my full first name* or Just go to sleep) and I did text him the day after and he did answer, but the conversation dropped of immediately. I haven't tried since because I don't know what to say. I miss talking to him and want to, but I don't know what to do to make it not an awkward conversation or make it worse


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  • should probably just tell him that you go to sleep when he stops texting. people respond well to honesty

    • I did say that, and he's still being a baby about it

    • then, is he really worth your time and energy?

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