Is it a bad thing if..

So I chatted with a girl for 2 months before she moved here. We meet for three dates. I look online from the site we met and see that she is still online today. Do I take that as just not interested and leading me on wasting my time? Kinda blows that she still online. When I ask her about dating one on one she tells me we can talk about it later this week. Like it seems she keeps blowing me off.


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  • The bad thing is, you're looking online too. Why in the hell did you ask about dating one on one after you've been on 3 dates? Am I missing something? Did you already bring up becoming exclusive?

    • I am not on the site. I just wanted to see if she still was. And it felt right to ask her that. She likes me and has fun with me all the time. But she is terrible at texting and way to busy for a relationship. As I am starting to now realize.

    • Well, girls are never too busy for guys they are very much into. Sounds like you're wasting time with someone who doesn't deserve, or want your time.