Why he suddenly stopped texting me and what should I do?

I have always failed to date with guys that I liked. I know guys aren't into girls who are clingy, so I am doing exactly the opposite by not initiating a text first for the past three weeks. H e always texted first to ask me how I was until yesterday. He just suddenly stopped texting me, so I initiated to text him for the first time at the end of the day, but his reply was short and as if he was too busy to talk to me.

I know it is silly to care about who texts who first. I am not trying to play any mind games. I was probably one of the girls who acted clingy, so I would like myself to be different for a change this time,

but this is how it goes. Could you guys please tell me what could be the reasons that he just suddenly stopped texting me? And what shall I do?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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  • I understand you don't want to come across as clingy but sometimes you have to make an effort in showing him that you're interested in him. If he is always the one to initiate the conversations then it might make him think that you're not into him and that you're fancying someone else and that's probably why he stopped texting you. I mean, how would you feel and react if you were the only one initiating a conversation every single time? If you really like this guy then show him. Don't text him every second of every day but a "good morning, good lookin'! I hope you have a good day" text every once in a while wouldn't hurt. That way he knows that you're still interested. Hope I helped!

    Best of luck! (:

    • Thank you for explaining to me what men might think. I guess I am afraid of being rejected and him hurting my feelings.

    • You're welcome! Before my boyfriend and I started officially dating he used to initiate the conversations and it's not that I wasn't into him I just didn't want to seem annoying. He told me that he thought I just wasn't into him but when I cleared up my feelings and told him that I didn't want him to think that I was clingy, he told me that he wanted me to start the conversations every once in a while. & Don't be afraid. Love is all about risk. If you can't take a risk now you'll never be happy.

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  • A. He's playing mind games b. he's not into you c. He thinks your not into him


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