I know she's also seeing another guy, but she hasn't told me

I've been dating this girl for over a month and we're getting pretty serious now. We do just about everything boyfriend and girlfriend do.

The issue is that she is also seeing another guy. She doesn't know that I know either. I'm not worried about the fact that she is seeing the other guy, because I know seeing multiple people at once is not uncommon while dating.

However, is it a bad thing that she hasn't told me about the other guy? Or is she not really obliged to say anything?

Should I tell her I know? Or any other advice?


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  • I agree with modernhippy and what you said in the comments. See how things play out and when they get more serious, you can always bring up the exclusive talk.

    • Well things are already getting pretty serious. Like I wrote in the post, we do everything that couples do. We're borderline boyfriend and girlfriend at this point. The only reason we're not is because I haven't asked her if she would be exclusive with me or anything..and also the fact that I know she's talking to the other guy. I never gave her the exclusive talk because we weren't at that point. I guess now is the time? Now that things are getting serious, isn't it messed up that she's still talking to him?

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    • Alright, thanks for the advice!

    • No prob!

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  • Act like you don't care and let me make the decision. You want her to pick you because she thinks your better, not becuse you made her choose

    • The last thing I was gonna do was give her like an ultimatum. Like tell her "it's me or him." That's just not the best way to start a relationship lol

      And she doesn't know that I know about the other guy, so acting like I don't care wouldn't really affect her cause she doesn't know, you know? lol

      Do you mean that I should just not tell her anything and just see how things play out?

    • yeah id say that is the best way to go