Could our connection be gone?

Me and this guy friend had a connection a few weeks ago, it was kind of intense. We would text each other quiet a lot or send messages to each other on Facebook. He would greet me eagerly when he saw me. But all that has changed now. I didn't want to show too much interest and I play it cool when he is around but I drop hints that I like having him around. We greet an he still compliments me and stands close to me in a group and I don't move away even though its too close for my comfort. He replies to my texts but its not the same. When I text him, he texts back and then end the conversation with "have an awesome week". He used like my Facebook statuses a lot, even the dull ones or share them or write on my wall but he has stopped doing that in the past few weeks. What do you that is? I would really appreciate guys input as you would more or less have an idea why the excitement has faded.


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  • maybe he likes you but if you aren't showing him how you feel how long should he keep pursuing? Try to break down the innuendos, insinuations, which are leading to assumptions and try to find out a concrete way to get to know this guy and figure out how you two feel about each other

    • Fair enough. How do I do that? I don't want to show too much interest in case he doesn't feel the same way. I've been down that road before. I do initiate some text messages to show that I do like talking to him but when we are around each other, I don't drool over him but I am not cold either. I am just myself and I treat him like any other person but I laugh at his jokes or listens to stuff he says. He acts a bit weird lately, more quiet around me.

    • you can't be worried about that. you just need to put yourself out there. is it better to sort of play the guessing game, or find out. maybe you get stung a bit but at least you'd know and be able to move on accordingly, or maybe you find out that he is into you and you get to date. you don't have to drool but you can just open up lines of communication. feel him out...OR...just let it go and see how he plays the game

      to me the games are no fun and often end in disappointment

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  • My guess is he was only interested in banging you. There are women guys will nail but never go out with, women guys will nail and never admit it, and women guys will nail and marry. you are category one. Move on. He banged you and he is gently trying to say goodbye


    • Hi. That's the dumbest answer I've ever read. By 'banging', I'm assuming you are talking about sex. Sorry to disappoint, but we don't have that kind of a relationship and I am not that kind of girl, thank you. Some of us still believe in sex after marriage. Thanks for the input, I'm sure it must have taken a lot for you to come up with that brilliant answer.

    • Sorry for what you felt was a dumb answer, I had assumed you already had sex. If you didn't he just isn't going to be the guy that has sex after marriage. He wants to test drive you before the ring, you didn't let him he lost interest. Simple as that. Have an awesome week means I will chat with you in a week if I remember and if I don't I'm off the hook.

      A word of advice. Men want their wives (well most men) to be 98 percent of the time someone they can introduce as a nice girl to their mom.

  • You are basing all of your emotions on circumstantial evidence. TALK TO HIM. Tell him that you really like him and stop blowing him off and 'playing it cool'. Ask if he feels the same way. If he does, progress the relationship. If he doesn't, move on.

    • Thanks for your input, I appreciate it. I don't blow him off, I just don't drool over him, that is not my nature. I have been in a similar situation before and turned out to be wrong and I felt like an idiot. I will let you know now that I will not be asking him, mainly because I am afraid. I guess I will have to figure it out for myself. Thanks

  • hard to get or he is busy right now

    • who is playing hard to get? Him or me?

    • him I think, since you are trying to find why your connection with him is gone

    • The other 2 percent they want their wives to act like complete sluts. Now just because you act like one doesn't mean you are one. They just want he fantasy so act it out for them

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