Is he losing interest or is he just busy? Cannot stop over thinking! Help!

So this guy and I have been talking almost everyday since June. He told me when we met he felt a connection and everything. We have video chatted twice and that went well. I feel totally comfortable and myself when talking to him. He texts me first & I text him first. So it's not just one person texting. Overall it's pretty clear to me and my friend that he likes me. So anyways, we've only met once and he's coming here in two weeks for college. He keeps talking about how he's gonna take me on all these adventures when he gets here and he seems excited to hang with me. There's so many more things that he's said but I don't really think its completely necessary to go through everything. But basically, the past two months have been great and I have no doubts about him. He makes me feel so much more confident and happy. He accepts me for me and doesn't expect me to be perfect. When we video chat, it's pretty clear the connection is there. The past four days have been a little weird though. Our texts haven't been very interesting. It's just like a Hey and then a hey what's up and it kinda ends. He texts me, I respond and he doesn't respond for like hours. He does do a lot during the day like fishing, rock climbing, and he works sometimes. I'm assuming he's just busy..but what's the point of texting me if he doesn't text me back for hours? Our conversations have been WAY more interesting than that with smiley faces and everything. So of course, being a girl, I'm over thinking everything. Like what if he's losing interest? What if he's sick of me? But at the same time he's coming in two weeks for school. Maybe he just wants to spend time with his friends? I just need some damn reassurance..and help to stop over thinking. Should I not text him as much and see what happens? Thanks!


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  • He has reached the point where he can no longer text like a woman, and will now fall back into texting like a guy.

    This happens with every guy. No exceptions. We just can't sustain the female texting rate. It is just impossible for men.

    He's not losing interest in you or the relationship - he just can't sustain the level of the communication you have gotten used to. No man could. No man ever will.

    Is this your first relationship? Because it sounds like it. Every guy you ever date is going to be like this. And when it happens, when the guys can't keep up with the endless immediate never ending texting, all girls get afraid that the relationship is coming to an end.

    It's not. It's just changing.


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