Would guys do these if he was interested?

He went to another country to study there for college. Whenever he would be here for his break, he would always text me to let me know. He also texts me when he's about to leave again. He doesn't ask to meet up though and we don't talk for long. I actually don't know why he wants me to know but I like it, anyway :)

So yeah, we don't talk often much more see each other/spend time together. For obvious reasons, we're miles away. I message him at times and we talk. He also tries to ask questions (to continue the conversation somehow) but we still don't get to talk that much. He also messages me sometimes to tell about his adventures there

And also, when I rant to him about having an exam on a specific day, he would wish me luck on the morning of that day, which is nice of him actually.

well could these be signs that he's interested? Or would you guys normally do these to your friends who are girls?

Oh by the way, he's been away for over a year now and we still try to keep in contact, somehow


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  • That's sweet, he sounds awesome.

    A guy who is thoughtful and tries to keep a conversation going, tells you good luck on your exam, calls you whenever he is in town and whenever he leaves...

    He likes you.

    Why don't you talk longer? Why don't you guys go out and get a milkshake or coffee or drinks when he is around? I feel like this might be because he is nervous to make the first move, like guys can be when they like you. He is still in contact with you.

    You like him, guys are supposed to make the first move traditionally, but you can hint. Like maybe do something sweet for him, make him cupcakes, and when he comes home tell him you missed him. If he does something nice you can give him a peck on the cheek... but I gotta say the classic "lean closer to him in the movie theater" works real well, its so stress free, you can see how he reacts, it's innocent and if he isn't feeling that way you can sit straight and just be friends.

    THIS is why nice guys don't get the girls, nobody makes the first move. A classic example, so none of you guys reading this need to ask "Why do the girls like the bad boys" lol.

    The trick is to act nice stay classy and polite, but the real you is bad to the bone.


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  • Yes he's interested. But he likes you too much to try and leave you waving in the wind. He'll be kicking himself if when he comes back you are in a relationship. But he doesn't want you to put your life on hold waiting for the guy to return. Enjoy his company. Maybe become close friends if your interested.

    I never understood why girls jump to conclusions on common things like offering a cupcake. But when it comes to obvious signals... It's like their antenna is broken...

  • I want a good jew for love

  • Because he likes you but is busy.


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  • I suggest you reach out to him and ask to meet up at a coffee shop next time he's in town. Maybe he is trying to drop a hint that he wants to hang out, but for some reason isn't coming right out and saying that. Or he could just want to be friends and is just trying to keep you involved.

    There's only one way to find out. (:

    • This post is EXACTLY why he doesn't lol. He is going off to set up his life. but he is dropping hint after hint that he is interested. To push further would give her even more thoughts. /he is making himself available for her to invite him. But seeing as he is the one flying off. he can't really expect her to drop her life because he is in town. Basically "It is what ever". I'm sure he would go if she offered. but to not give her any mixed messages or tie her up he doesn't.

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