How do I not sound awkward in texts?

I think when I text a girl I like to hang out or just chat it usually sounds awkward. How do I stop sounding awkward? :(


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  • Just start texting her saying,

    "How's it going?"

    or "How was your day?"

    If she gives a short answer like "fine".

    Try to carry the conversation on by asking what she did, and talking about your day.

    You can even try to flirt and say,

    "My day would have been better if I had you around."

    See how she responds to that.

    If she responds well then ask her if she'd like to get together sometime.

    Honestly, I think texting takes the pressure off of people.

    It's a lot more awkward doing things like that face to face or on the phone if you

    are the nervous type.

    I think you are over thinking things, and you should really relax.

    You got past the first time...getting her number.

    She must like you to an extent already :)


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  • Maybe it doesn't sound awkward you just over think it


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  • Be direct.

  • How can anyone "sound" awkward in text? You are typing things out. There is no body language, no facial expressions, no inter-personal contact. All I can suggest is don't use crazy emicons and watch out for excess punctuation.