Do guys think he is mad?

Okay so I have been talking to this guys for about 2 months an a half. We aren't dating but we have kissed, and we text like everyday. Any who so yesterday he asked me if I wanted to hangout, and I said yeah sure so when it came time he was like "I think I'm just gonna go to sleep, but we'll hang out soon." I got a tiny bit upset, because I actually wanted to hang out with him, so my reply was "whatever dude" after that he never replied and he hasn't texted me which he always does when he wakes up the next morning. Could he be mad? I'm not really mad I'm just confused as to if he is mad and what should I do?


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  • If I got a response like that, I would be a bit upset. Maybe he was actually tired or had a bad day and wanted to go to bed. If he doesn't text you today or tomorrow, I'd send him a message either asking if he's upset or apologizing for the text you sent.


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