She doesn't know what she wants, but I acted off with her when she said it, help?

Me and this girl I like had a bit of an argument because I acted a bit off when she didn't know what she wanted.

It started from this:

Her - I never know what I want x

Me - Alright then x

Her - Grumpy x

Me - I'm good x

Her - Here we go

Anyway, I did jump to conclusions that maybe she wasn't interested (as I assumed her not knowing what she wanted was a sign). She told me that for the first time in about a year, she's felt in a place where she could finally move on if she wanted to, because her ex has left her alone, but she just doesn't know what she wants.

Be it, we haven't met but messaged/phoned. She told me "I don't want to make promises I can't keep. But I do want to get to know you.." which kind of felt to me that she might be keeping me on the side until something better comes along, what do you think?

Anyway, I did act like a tw*t of sorts and jumped to conclusions. I told her I didn't want any of this and that I want to get to know her. She told me "You always start it, you're like a woman (with a cheeky monkey face smiley). I told her that I don't want this side of me being the guy she gets to know and she said "You're the one who starts it so its your own fault I see this side of you".

So I apologized for acting like that and told her I want to drop all this. She didn't respond to that message, so I decided to text her the day after with something IRRELEVANT, to show her I wanted to drop the arguing and get to know her.

I sent her "Saw #grumpybutgorgeous trend on twitter, thought of you". She replied "Haha! You're the grumpy one".

Is it possible that she just got bored of me acting off with her? I noticed how sending her something irrelevant from before sparked a more positive reaction?

Whilst keeping OTHER options open, should I still get to know her if she "doesn't know what she wants?".


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  • It sounds like she still has an emotional attachment to her ex-boyfriend especially if she said if she wanted to she can move on if her ex-boyfriend left her alone. She can move on but she hasn't which means that either she is trying to get her ex-boyfriend back or her ex wants her back and has recontacted her.

    Try distancing yourself from her and see how she reacts to this. Don't contact her for a while (about a week to a week and a half) and wait until she contacts you. This will show whether or not she is interested in you. By you making constant contact with you you are being to clingy to her. Give her time to get over the breakup and don't apologize for your actions; this will make you appear weak in her eyes.

    • She did say he "finally left her alone". As far as I know they remained friends but over a month ago she mentioned she had an argument with him. To me it sounds like she doesn't want anything to do with him, but yeah I will finish off my current conversation with her then let her initiate. At the moment she is acting really moody with me. I complimented her after overly teasing, she said "So smooth.. Bet you say this to all the girls"

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