Is this reply arrogant? Any way I could reply better?

Me and this girl (I haven't met, but messaged and phoned) had a little argument because I thought that her getting to know me in person, etc wasn't what she wanted but it turned out I jumped to conclusions and it was because she finally got her ex to leave her alone and that she could move on.

Anyway, I apologized, etc, I didn't get a reply to that..

But I texted her "Saw #grumpybutgorgeous trend on twitter, thought of you".

She replied "Haha! You're the grumpy one".

Would it be too arrogant to reply "I am! With a bit of gorgeous thrown in too haha"

I know that sometimes it's good to be cocky/funny with a girl to show confidence, as long as you don't overdo it. Is that a good reply or what would be better?


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  • Nah, I think that's a funny reply :-)


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