If rejected for second date, try to date again in a couple of months?

So I went out on a date with someone I met online, it was a great first date we kissed - had good eye contact- etc.

The next day I messaged her that I'd love to see her again, she didn't reply immediately, even though she had logged on and off twice since me sending it.

So I thought she dissed me. I told her that was a shame and I wished her the best with the rest of her dating life.

She messaged me back that it was a shame I said that, cause she would have liked to go on a second date, but doesn't want to anymore.

Do you think there is any chance of me asking her out again in a couple of months?


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  • If I was you I would move on.


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  • GOD what a flake...

    Women like this are nothing but trouble... F*** HER, and f*** the games she wants to play...

    I don't know either one of you but I guarantee you deserve better...