Do I not like my boyfriend anymore or am I turned off? I'm wanting to date more guys :/

I don't know what else to say my boyfriend and I have dated for 2yrs and lost our virginities to each other. We haven't had a very happy relationship being it was both our first one.

Two days ago I read something nice and called to tell him how much I appreciate him and he became very dry and cold. I remained patient and tried to talk with him to understand his behavior but long story short he angrily kept saying "I don't care" whether it be about me my feelings his mood etc.

I come from abusive mother and cried hysterically the next day. He apologized saying he is apathetic at times I personally don't know but guys I don't care anymore.

We talked and since then its like my brain has shut down towards him I feel numb and disinterested. I even feel and my heart I want to date other men and just have fun. I don't know I feel I love him but saying it feels like a lie. I want to go places alone and get away from him I almost don't like him.

He explodes like that a lot I'm just over it I dnt want to be around that anymore or ever. I want someone to like and love me and care for me and see me for the beautiful girl I know I am. Apathy? Is that even a real condition ? I feel he is dragging me down reaping benefits of my love without being the warm hearted man I need him to be.

Am I over him or just licking my wounds because every time I talk to him now I hear him saying I don't care in my head. And I shut down even more.

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  • Not very many relationships are meant to last forever. Out of the ones that are, a very small percentage of those are people who are in their first/only relationship. You care for him, but you know he is not treating you proper. You can only hear I'm sorry for the same ole shyte so many times, before your heart just turns cold to that person. I've been there, I know the exact feeling, once you get there, the relationship is already over. He won't change if you stay, for him to see the error of his ways, you need to leave him. So his actions prove it's done, your heart proves it's done . . . your BRAIN even wants to date other men, it's done. You sound like a very intelligent young woman. I hope you enjoy 'getting back to you' and meeting new people. Time to be selfish for a bit, put yourself first. Good luck to you.

    • Thank you I feel you relate to me so much I wasn't sure if I was just being emotional but your right my brain is like coal I just want to not be in a hostile stressful environment I talked to him about coping mechanisms and lashing out but quite frankly I would prefer to just be appreciated else where

      It's not like I don't care about him I just love my sanity and environment more. There is no excuse for his behavior he needs to grow up no one wants to put up with that.

      Thanks so much girl!

    • totally agree

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  • Relationships are either a source of strength and inspiration, or they're a burden. Yours has become the latter.

    You do not need advice. You already know what to do.

    Leave him and go look for a man who is 100% of what you want. Do not set a timeline, and do not settle for less than all you want. You sound smart and sure-footed. Go get what/who you want.

  • If you want to date more guys, break up and find those guys.

  • You're asking US what your mental status is? Lazy. Mother. F***er.

    Just leave him; you're worthless.

    • This is our first relationship I don't know if I'm being emotional or not I'm asking for advice and point of view. I'm not lazy just numb and unsure. What's worthless is the way you speak to people. You can't tell me I'm worthless because I know I'm not. Thnx for trying to put me down tho (: I hope you grow up and not answer questions you don't agree with. I know I'm young but I don't speak in a way to hurt people's feelings like you or my boyfriend.

      Have a nice day ^^

    • No one can advice you on yourself.

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