Guys! I think he's interesed BUT... REALLY NEED YOUR HELP

This guy I'm attracted to and I have been texting, I know him from school but now that I have graduated we won't be seeing each other.

He calls me cute/cutie/hella cute and I think he is interested in me but it's only texting. I lost a family member and he gave me advice and was very caring.

Towards the end he said "Haha ;) We shud hang out sometime:)" but I replied that I would but my parents are overprotective. He didn't reply after. I like him but at the same time I don't want both of us to get caught up too much because I know we might not see each other and I REALLY can't go out or anything. I'm going to be 18 this month so it's a bit strange to not be able to go out in these times. I only texted him the truth because I hate playing games. Do you think he's mad? My parents will late me date AFTER college and even then they'll check up on me like they're doing to my sis. Did he get offended? :(



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  • Honestly, if he cared, he'd understand :) It's not your fault!

    But you have to make sure he knows that you're not blowing him off and you're actually telling the truth. It does sound a bit like an excuse, and maybe he's a little hurt because he thinks you don't want to hang out :/

    Just clarify things maybe :-)


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  • My dear, it is high time you rebelled a little. This issue stems further than this boy. You live one life, and one life only. I feel it is even important to date before college, so that you know what to expect and aren't naiive. Tell this to your parents

    Sit them down and have an honest conversation with them, sweetly but sternly. Explain that just because you want to date doesn't mean you are going to turn into a slut express. Tell them that you are a good kid, you aren't a druggie, and they need to extend you the respect and trust you deserve, and realize that they raised you with morals that you will stick by.Tell them t since you are (going to be) a legal adult, you GET to date. It won't be a question. It isn't their choice, their body, their lifestyle. You are living in liberated times. If they threaten you, do it right back.

    'Youre living in our house by our rules"---"Do you really want me to live in someone elses house, like a random guys, or show you that you can trust me?"

    As for the boy, who is gonna want to get mixed up in someone who isn't going to be available UNTIL AFTER COLLEGE. And who's parents won't allow her to go on a date when she is nearly a legal adult? I wouldn't say that he is mad, just, maybe the red lights started flashing, and he slammed on those trusty brakes. "Why get myself tangled up in this mess if their won't be any reward in it anyways?" You will get no boy if you can't spend time with them outside of school or technology. Sorry that isn't the name of the game.

    You don't like to play games? This is a game, when boys and parents are fighting for your loyalty. A painful, sticky, risky game. Stand up for yourself, and start to pave that spontaneous and liberated lifestyle for yourself that all people deserve.

    I meant this all kindly, and best of luck :)

    • Thanks, and yes I understand what you mean.