Am I being paranoid for nothing?

There is this guy I really like. My friend introduced us a few weeks ago and since the beginning she has been trying to set us up. He is such a great guy and we've become friends. We went on this trip with a bunch of people and he sat next to me on the bus and we talked the whole time. He is really outgoing and goofs around with all girls, but is always nice, calm, and serious with me.

I never text him or message him unless he does it to me first. I am very traditional in my views where I want the man to pursue me and I don't want to initiate anything.

So here's where my paranoia comes in.

All my friends who are close with him have been making comments to him like, "You two would be great together" and he responded in saying he's not looking for a relationship. Which it totally fine.

He's out of the country on a missions trip and I haven't talked to him which is totally fine. It was his birthday and my friends who have been keeping in touch with him, told me I should Facebook message him a nice birthday message. So I did. It was very generic, but it was 3 paragraphs long. It was nothing flirty, Because I DON'T flirt with him, but I just wrote happy birthday, how's your trip going?, I caught him up with what's been going on here and said we'll all celebrate his birthday when he comes back.

Now it said he saw it, but he hasn't responded. Why hasn't he messaged me back? He's been in touch with some of my friends, but not me.

Does he know I like him and doesn't want to respond? Would that make a guy feel uncomfortable if a girl he didn't like (I'm assuming he doesn't like me) wrote him a message?

I guess it's just that I've had experiences in the past with guys acting weird around me when they found out I liked them. I don't think he knows I like him, but I do know that people have been trying to set us both up.

Am I being paranoid? I just don't want to ruin our friendship ya know?

This is some of what I wrote...I cut some stuff out to keep it confidential

Happy Birthday!

I just want to say that it has been such a blessing getting to know you and the group these past couple of weeks! Love all the fun times and great conversations!

Hope you’re having a wonderful time in the (country he's at). How’s it going over there? From your pictures, the it looks awesome and the kids seem to really be enjoying themselves!

Anyways when you come back, we'll all have to celebrate!


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  • Ummmmm. Copy past the 3 paragraph you wrote him,

    Maybe you said something by accident that could have ruined things :/

    • I just posted some of it...the rest just talks about where I'm transferring for college (he had been asking me about it)...nothing bad

  • Ummm its either his just being cold or his not into you.