Alright! Telltale signs a guys want to date you?! Go! :)

How many signs are there? What ones are a guarantee he's got feelings for you? All answer welcome.


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  • If a guy asked you out, then that's a pretty damned good sign that he wants to date you, at least for that one date. It doesn't guarantee he wants you for his girlfriend. Apart from that, there are no 100% guarantees. Even with the one mentioned I can still think of exceptions to the rule. Also there are absolutely no ways to guarantee that somebody actually has feelings for you. None. For all you know it could just be somebody trying to get you into bed. It really comes down to judgment calls, in the end. Sorry.


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  • If he asks for your phone number, he's probably interested. If he calls you up and asks you out, he's interested. If he keeps calling you up and asking you out, he's VERY interested.

  • He asks you out.


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