Went on a "first date" the day before I left for vacation... Now what?

The deal between this guy & I is relatively confusing. He's 18, just graduated from HS & I am 17 and will be a senior. We "talked" from October-January of last year and I liked him more than he liked me... Somehow, we never ended up hanging out. After it ended we avoided each other... It was weird. This info is just background but I feel like it may be important!

A few weeks ago we started texting again (he texted me) and have texted and snapchatted regularly since. Unlike the last time, I've only texted to respond to him... I didn't text first, but I'd snapchat first because I don't think that's a big deal. I'm on vacation in Europe for about 10 days & we made plans to hangout the day before I left. He came & rang my doorbell, bought my ticket to the movie,and walked me to my door afterward. We didn't kiss, but I think that's my fault because I started thinking about it & got a little nervous.

An hour or so after he left I sent him this text "Hey thanks again :) lets hangout when I get back & not see a scary movie.. Haha"

...and he didn't respond! There's a relatively good explanation for this because he was at a party so probably drunk.. He also hasn't texted me since, but he knows I'm out of the country and I didn't tell him I could text. We've snapchatted like, once.

If you're still reading, thanks :p it's really appreciated. I had fun so I want to keep it going while being careful to not fall into the situation of the last time. Like I've been trying to not seem too interested..

Is it OK if I text him? Or should I wait


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  • You can text him. Are you still on vacation? If so, understand that you sending a text doesn't necessarily mean he got it - so don't freak out if he doesn't reply.

    If you are back, you can let him know you're back.


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