Should I take this as a sign that he doesn't want to talk to me?

Me and this guy met at our church just over 2 months ago and he was friendly to me. 2 weeks later when I saw him again, I decided to ask him if he had Facebook so I could get to know him more. He said he doesn't use his Facebook that much so he offered his number instead, and I gave him mine but I didn't have time to get his so I thought he would text me later saying this was his number. A few weeks after that when I spoke to him he said he hadn't been able to call/text me because his phone was messed up and wouldn't let him receive or give calls and texts. It's been nearly 7 weeks since I gave him my number, and he hasn't texted. Even when I've spoken to him recently he hasn't mentioned anything about his phone. I don't want to seem pushy or make him feel awkward because if I ask him if his phone still isn't working then it implies that I've been wondering why he hasn't texted me yet. I don't know if it was a lie or not because my friend said she texted him last week and he didn't reply, so maybe he really didn't get her text. I do want to talk to him and have other forms of contact with him rather than just in person. Should I ask him about his phone or wait a little longer for a text? Or is it likely that it was just an excuse to not contact me?


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  • I don't see any reason to assume he's lying about his phone being broken. Maybe you should take a more direct approach and get to know him better in person?


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  • There's no reason to presume he's lying. Just ask him for his phone number and call the phone, which is probably broken, periodically. You'll know it's broken if you note it's failure to receive. You're overeager.


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  • Ask for his number again.

    Call him instead.

    Clearly he isn't great at texting or phone usage.

    Try to carry out an actual conversation and let him know you would like to hang out sometime.

    If he isn't giving you any feedback then be probably isn't interested.

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