I am so out of the loop on dating...how do you know when a guys likes you vs. he is just a really friendly guy

I am so out of the loop on dating...how do you know when a guys likes you vs. he is just a really friendly guy


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  • Series of questions you need to ask:

    A. Is he single?

    If not then he's off the market, so who cares.

    If he is, then odds are you have a chance with him. Maybe he's really crazy about you, or maybe he just finds you interesting. For your purposes, it doesn't really matter. If he makes any effort to acknowledges your existence, you're on his radar.

    B. Does he want a relationship?

    Again, if the answer is no, then don't bother with him.

    C. Does he talk to you about another girl he really likes?

    Well, that would be a bad sign. But assuming he never mentions any other specific girl to you (and feel free to ask), then you're good.

    D. Are you his type?

    That's probably the toughest question to answer. Every guy has some idea of what they're looking for. With some guys, that's very specific and they won't waver. With other guys, it's more flexible. If you're concerned that you might not be his type, you can always ask him questions like, "Do you prefer X or Y?" where X and Y are different types of girls.

    It's a bit of a subtle thing because the guy may not want to outright offend you by saying you're not his type. So best to give him some multiple choice questions and see what he picks. If he likes you, he'll make sure to pick the right answers.

    Even if you can't or aren't willing to figure out the last question, being able to answer the first 3 combined with him being friendly around you is generally enough evidence to conclude that he would be willing to consider dating you.


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  • It's when he spends more time than others with you, contacts you more often than necessary. Sometimes you see a girl that has a guy talking to her all the time, and she has no clue he is digging her - while it's so obvious for an onlooking guy.

  • You don't. Only time tells.


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