Um is this ever going to work out

Okay so, I work at a camp and I really liked this girl and my cousin was my wingman so he was helping me get with girl. So the last day of my job on Thursday she told me at the end of the day she like me and when I got home I got a text saying she wanted too kiss me so badly. Then the next day I volunteered another day and found out she told the campers that she liked my cousin more the day after she said she liked me. But that weeknd we texted all day nonstop. I was gonna ask her somewhere but I was bus. I found out this who week she was going to be in boston for dance. I Haven't tlked to much and she hasn't texted me first so I'm thinking of giving up. Is it to early to judge something like that, should I confront her about it or wait


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  • I say you confront her about it if she ever texts you and says why don't you talk to her anymore but other then that it sounds like she's trying to lead you on


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