Why is my guy friend avoiding me?

I have a good friend who I have been friends with for over five years. He is someone that I feel really comfortable with, we talk about a lot, we laugh, we act stupid etc. If he were gay he would be my gay BFF. There are times where I get the feeling that he likes me more than a friend, but I am usually able to push it aside and enjoy his company. Anyway, last year things changed and he started getting really flirty. I let it go for a short amount of time and then I told him that I missed our old friendship. We went back to being "friends" and things seemed to be relatively normal. The only thing is, he avoids me. He refuses to see me and I have not hung out with him in person since March. Whenever he makes plans with me they seem to fall through for some lame excuse on his end. "I forgot I had this for work" etc. He enjoys texting me though and having long stupid conversations through text and acts like everything is fine there.

Anyway, I am moving away and the days are numbered and he still refuses to see me. I don't know what his problem is, I just would like to know why he is doing that? He has a girlfriend, you would think it would be easier for him to see me when there is a girl in his life. Also he has sent me very flirty text messages while in a relationship that I ignore. I would not be happy if I were her. We used to hang out every other week or so and now he won't even see me before I move across country. Any suggestions as to why he is doing this? Also sometimes he acts like everything is fine between us and other times he seems upset with me. I don't understand.


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  • If he were gay he would be your gay BFF, but as you say he isn't gay. It is fairly obvious that he likes you and wants more than friendship, at least from what you say. I think he finds it easier to avoid you than have you reject his advances, nobody likes being rejected.


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