If people hate the Internet so much, why do they use it?

I hear on here a lot that you should "never trust anyone online,

they're all liars" or "I don't take anyone on here seriously"

And, for online relationships people say "they could be

doing anything, you never really know" And, so I wonder.

Why use the Internet or this website, if you don't trust anyone,

don't take anyone seriously or don't consider the friendships (and

or other types of relationships you formed) real? Why bother? Aren't

you just wasting yours and other peoples time?

I guess, I'm just different. But, If nobody ever lied to

another person that they're around daily, there wouldn't

be people with trust issues, would there? If "in state"

relationship were SO great and fool proof, this website

(and other sites like it) wouldn't busy,would they? If finding

someone to date at work or at bar was SO easy, would

dating sites like E-Harmony and Match.com, be in business?

I think not! And, as far as friendship go. If this was the 1940's

(or whatever year you want it to be) and your class project was

to have a pen pal in another state or country. And, you and that person

wrote each other everyday. Would your friendship be any else real and

true than the friends you see on the daily? I don't think so. The only

difference you can't see that person day to day, but you're friendship

is still real and you could always go and visit each other (if you wanted

to and have the money to do so).

So, with all the in mind. Why use the Internet,hmm? And, if

liars, cheaters and so on and fourth ONLY happen online. Why

do people have SO many problems and why do relationships end

all the time? I'm just curious. Please, enlighten me!


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  • Because of all the negativity people live in. How many news companies would be in business if there was no murder, rape, or crime? People would not be likely to watch the news then. Yet they'll complain about how horrible it was that somebody was killed and so on. People have become their own victims of negativity and enjoy it when bad things happen now.

    While some people online are liars with dating websites, it's easy to tell who is and isn't. I have been contacted by people online and have found out they were married. With girls and online dating they have an arsenal of guys to choose from but they typically don't have good decision making skills so the guy that bribes them with a dinner date or something high end tends to win but then she gets to the date and finds out the guy was using fake photos. If she simply met for coffee and didn't insist on emailing so much and went in with no expectations she would not have been let down. I find online dating would be so much easier if girls would just meet and not want to chat online all day accidentally making up an illusion of what the guy is in their head.


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  • I don't think people really hate the internet. They just dislike a few aspects of it. So do I. But the internet has honestly become one of the best defenses against against tyranny since the beginning of recorded history. Governments can get away with so much less now, and a lot of that is due to the internet. That's why you've got powers like the U.S. government trying to hard to clamp down on it.

  • I'm creating new parts of the internet as we speak, just to spite them. The last laugh will be mine. =)

  • It's a love hate relationship.

  • The love the internet, they just hate their life.

  • This takes a lot for me to admit, but... I am really Brad Pitt. I just love this website so much and since I haven't been making any movies lately and haven't been having sex since I am adopting kids like it's a career, I joined GaG. Now, now, I know this is a lot to take in but just process it and move on.


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  • well it would be naive to wholeheartedly trust people online when there have been so many cases to show us that people on the internet-lie. that doesn't mean the internet isn't entertaining or useful.

    • But, it's not naive of people to assume that liars only frequent the internet? I mean, you don't have to be online to come face to face with a liar. Just my opinion.

  • Because people are different.

  • I don't think its that only bad things happen online, its just online its easier to pretend to be someone that you're not. I mean if you're talking to someone in person, you're going to be able to tell if you're talking to a 12 year old girl or a 50 year old man. Online, you have no idea. It's not that you can't have a friendship or relationship exclusively online with someone, you just have to be aware of the possibility that person doesn't actually exist and is simply a character made up in someone else's mind.

  • People like to complain, haha! They'll find anything to complain about.

    But I think when people say those things, they're really meaning they feel they can't trust MOST people online.

    I've also never heard anyone say liars and cheaters are only online, haha! I'm not sure where you heard that.

    As for dating sites, I think they'd exist regardless because a lot of people don't frequent bars or clubs. It's not that internet dating is so much easier, it simply provides a different place to meet people.

    • See I have trust issues lol, but I've manged to find a few people online (that are now good friends of mine), that I trust. So, how is it everybody else finds the "non-trustworthy" ones? Also, I feel you don't have to be online, to meet people you can't trust. I mean, what do you think?

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    • Hmm, okay. Well, I disagree with that. But, that's okay. We're all entitled to are own opinion, right?

      And, thank you for yours : )

    • You're welcome :-)