Have you ever dated two guys at once?

How long did it last? what happened at the end?

Did you have sex with both?

i am dating one, he is rarely here but we are extremely compatible.

I met another guy, he wants things to go further. but I am starting to feel bad.

thank you, feel free to answer anonymously.


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  • Ive done a lot of research online about this situation, and a lot of them would say it is a wise thing to do to date two guys. It keeps you from getting caught up in just one of them. And you are just dating and not exclusive to one of them then to me it sounds like a good idea.

    • thank you, no not exclusive yet.

      but I am starting to feel guilty because the second one is starting to want more.

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    • i am thinking more in the line of keeping both :P

      the first is usually not around. but we are so good together.

      the second will prob. ask me to be his girlfriend soon and I worry. once I am his girlfriend then I have to stop seeing the first whom I like a lot as well.

      they both like me a lot.

    • well then that sounds like a plan :)

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  • I've never dated two guys myself, but I would imagine it to be a kind of crumby thing to do.


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  • You're not going to marry either of them...

    • no not planning to lol

      i was married once.

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    • I am wondering if anyone have exp. to share. I feel bad.

    • I haven't, but I think you don't have to say anything unless they want to be exclusive. If your conscience is bugging you, you could just let them know that you're not looking for anything serious. They'll read between the lines and you'll have nothing to feel bad about.

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