Does he want to date?

So one day this guy that goes ro my school started messaging me on Facebook don't really know him he is a few years older than me but the second thing he asked me is if I had a boyfriend and I said yes because I do but the next day he started talking to me and gave me his number to text and I did not to be rude. He started calling me beautiful and pretty but I didn't think to much of it he asked if I wanted to hang out but I wasn't in town so he said when I get back. we text like everyday and he wants to hang out but things get weird, today he asked if I still had a boyfriend (my boyfriend and I were have some problems) and I said yes cause we fixed the issues and he called me bud. I feel like I'm getting mix signals but I also don't want to lead him on either he is really nice but I don't know to much about him anyways my question I guess is does he want ti date me oh and on.Facebook he said he wanted to date a friend of mine which is my age as well I don't know if he is just looking for anyone for like sex or something or if he truly wants to hang out and date me. tell me what do you guys think?


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  • "started messaging me on Facebook don't really know him"

    "second thing he asked me is if I had a boyfriend and I said yes"

    "started calling me beautiful and pretty"

    People don't do these things if they don't want to date you. You should probably stop leading him on and break off the relationship.


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