"Just talk to me." Communication issues.

I have been friends with this man for a long time, but we have communication issues. He says that I do not talk to him. Truth is I am the only one that is doing the talking.

We do not date and are only friends, but there have been mutual feelings in the past. Sometimes I talk and he does not talk back or there is very little conversation. Then when I get ready to leave he asks why I am mad at him. If we are talking about something that interest us both he will carry on a conversation, but if it is "how was your day" or "what are you up to" it is a very short convo.

But at times he says that I don't talk to him. I am the only one talking. Does my conversation not interest him? Am I talking about the wrong things? We misunderstand each other some times and other times he can read my mind. Even though I think I have gotten my point across, later I will find out that he does not know what I am talking about (or says that he doesn't know).

What can I do to make our conversations better? He is not into sports (I am) and we don't listen to the same type of music or even go to the same places. Our friendship is not like that. He is mostly a homebody and a work-a-holic. Not much on socializing so mostly I drop by and see him when he is at work.

Are we not as close as I think we are? When I see him he says "Just talk to me" and seems content to let me do all of the talking. But, he won't carry the conversation further. Is this some sick control thing?


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  • HA! I am going through the same thing. BORING! You are more outgoing than he is that's all. He lives a boring life and has nothing to talk about. I think he enjoys listening to you but you are bored with him. Try to get him out more. He just needs a life. I love sports too. Any sports. I can talk to any guy, unless he is boring. So, just try to get him out a little more.

    • Honestly, I think I am about as boring as they come. I thought he was brushing me off, but he says that is not the case. He has separate friends out of town and I don't know them, but he seems to be content to listen to my life.

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