Do guys like it when girls give them advice? do guys confide only in girls they like?

so a guy kinda confided in me over a text, and I gave him some advice, and told him to take care of himself and that I would always be here to listen. my text was kinda long. he replied a long one too (but not as long as mine of course).

i'm just wondering, do guys hate it when girls are long-winded? even if all they say is out of good intention, and she isn't nagging, just that she doesn't use short forms and all and speaks in full sentences and all.

also, do guys confide in any girl? or only in girls they are interested in?


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  • If I'm asking for advice it's best to have it spelled out, and marked as opinion or believed to be fact and why.

    So yeah in that case it's all good. If I'm just texting a conversation then text how you text. If I'm just asking what's up? I don't want a book though :.)

    I don't like asking for advice from females I'm interested in until I've known them for a long time so I know if it's reliable and if they can be confided in, same as any guy. Some people can't stop thier mouths from flapping.


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  • People are often sensitive and EVEN when they ASK for advice, you need to be careful. Often they resent it when you ask for the necessary information! How else can you give advice, though, without probing?

  • I confide in girls that I trust and think have something of value to offer... It usually would not be someone that I'm interested in dating. I would confide in a girlfriend however or someone I've dated for a while... I think as long as there's value in what someone says that you should hear them out and it's not a question of length.

  • Ofcourse I confide in girls.. I confide in both genders.. and each gender give its own perspective.. and I really love to chat and love long text . It just varies from a guy to guy .. don't worry too much .

  • If they are asking for your opinion on something, then they are willing to hear what you have to say on the matter. If you're just telling them what to do, they're going to probably find it annoying.

  • There are some girls I like talking to (confiding in), but if I'm seeking advice on dating or love, I'll stick to guys... women give the absolute worst advice on dating.

    • yes, because how would a woman know what other woman want in a relationship. good point.

    • lol... they don't know. Most women even profess that they truly "don't know what they want" themselves ;)...

      You wouldn't ask a fish how to catch a fish, would you? :P

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